About us

Homemade food, fast!

We invented the Shape+Store freezer container because we wanted a better way to make and store homemade food.  We love buying fresh food in bulk, but dread packing it in bags and plastic wrap when we get home.

We also love cookies.  Especially fresh baked cookies. So it seems right that the concept started with The Smart Cookie.  Designed to not only form perfect cookies, but also to store them easily so you can have a fresh baked cookie anytime.

Next came burgers.  Home made burgers that are made the way you like, with the spices and seasonings you like.  With the Burger Master we evolved the concept of The Smart Cookie into a way to press eight quarter pounders at once AND store them.

Roasted chicken, pulled pork, soups, stews, chili, baby food, purees, pasta, rice, sliders, fish, quinoa, the possibilities are endless!

We continue to develop products to help the busy household make homemade food.  Our products are designed to take up minimal space in the freezer and are also easy to transport to any event and occasion.   We manufacture them in Canada with only premium, high quality materials.  

We are also continuously looking for new recipes to use them with!

Visit our YouTube channel for dozens of ways to use your Shape+Store.

Shape+Store is based in Ontario, where we've been making it easy to eat homemade since 2013.

Canadian orders ship fast!  And get a special flat shipping rate with any Bundle.

100% Satisfaction Return Policy:

Our number one concern is the satisfaction of our customers.  We developed our products because we wanted better food, faster.  We want you to have that experience too.  If you encounter any issues with our products, simply contact us and we will be happy to make it right for you.   Or send us the product back in return for a full refund. 

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